C4 Footpocket Mustang Black, FINS POCKETS
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c4 Footpocket Mustang Black

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Black - 39/40 1
Black - 41/42 1
Black - 43/44 1
Black - 45/46 1
Black - 47/48 1

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c4 Footpocket Mustang Black

Kit shoes right and left adjustable.

The C4 shoes are anatomical and 3rd preformed, carry the actual inclination between foot and blade to less than 32 ° for a total yield and fluidity of otherwise unattainable finning.
To make the best use all the energy, the MUSTANG apply the force on the blade from under the metatarsus, the natural force point.
And 'it possible to apply great force blades with minimal effort, this is the real heart of the MUSTANG system that the new angle of 32 ° makes it incredibly powerful.

Thanks to anantomiche C4 shoes, the dispersion of energy due to the play between the foot and the shoe, is the minimum possible.
The efficiency goes pursued everywhere if you want maximum performance and anatomical shoes are the optimal solution for achieving it.

Screw kit for assembly not included.

European sizes: 39/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 - 47/48
US / Canada sizes: 7-7½ - 8-8½ - 11½ - 12 - 13-13½
UK sizes: 7-6½ - 7½-8 - 8½-10 - 11-11½ - 12½-1

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