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Cressi Free Frog Black/Red

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Cressi Free Frog Black/Red

A classic in the Cressi range which has been in the market since 1993 and which counts on a huge number of lovers in all corners of the planet.
The fin is made of a wise combination of a robust polymer and a soft elastomer, the latter used for the housing of the foot, the lateral nerves and some insertions.

Frog was the first Cressi model to use the fitting design under the blade. The blade was created directly from the upper part of the shoe, firmly joining the fin to the foot and transmitting all the effort generated by leaping without loss of energy through soft areas. This format allows to canalize the water from the same ankle up to the final edge of the blade, unlike traditional models, in which the shoe has not made any advances. Aside from improving the directionality of the wing beats, this design provides some performance between 10% and 15% above which it would correspond to the fin for its blade surface.

The shoe, designed for computers, is particularly comfortable and guarantees excellent transmission of the leg-fin effort.

Frog has a higher weight than the equivalent Cressi model of more recent design, but this feature gives it a special acceptance for its use with dry suits or combinations of considerable thickness given its great power of palate.

It is a fin very appreciated for professional jobs given its strength and comfort, even after hours of use, as for the diving centers that estimate its versatility and duration virtually infinite.

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