Scubapro Steamers Donna Jewel, UNDERSUIT SPEARFISHING
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Scubapro Steamers Donna Jewel

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Scubapro Steamers Donna Jewel

Complete protection inside and outside the water, this innovative Steamer is made of high quality nylon and is designed for maximum grip, offering an elegant profile in the water and a sleek look on the beach.
Ideal to be used alone or as a first layer under the suit.

Comfortable and elegant full body protection for snorkeling or swimming.
High quality nylon material, tight and soft to the touch, foot brackets and thumb loops for easy fit.
Elegant profile in water and a look that enhances the profile of the body out of the water.
Available in men's and women's versions with two different color combinations.
Front zip for women's models and rear zip for men's models to increase comfort and versatility.

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