Cressi Wetsuit Corvina 5mm, Camo Wetsuit 5mm
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Cressi Wetsuit Corvina 5mm

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Cressi Wetsuit Corvina 5mm

Wetsuit presenting the new Camouflage material by Cressi with shades of black / gray.
For effortless breathing and portability, the most sensitive areas use a new smooth double-layer neoprene called "two-layer neoprene", which is highly flexible, has a great thermal power and at the same time is very studied and resistant. This neoprene has an outer layer of 1 mm thick and a double 4 mm inner layer separated by a structural elastic coating.
Thanks to this technology, it can be sewn to obtain strong seams and does not tear.
The suit benefits from a zone system, called "Self Adjusting System", which facilitates breathing and at the same time guarantees excellent insulation, even in strong winds. The design is strictly anatomical.
Protective reinforcement on the breastbone and the knees.

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