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Aqualung Micromask Black

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Aqualung Micromask Black

The mask Aqualung Micromask is the best mask in the world ideal for 'apnea and for scuba diving.
Structure totally innovative and patented that allows the mask lenses closer to the orbit of the eye, ensuring reduced internal volume, never achieved before, and a wide field of view.
Very sturdy and durable and suitable for all types of diving conditions.
Convenient for those who practice diving, deep diving or just fishing thanks to the great wide view and limited volume to maximum.

Mask body: pure silicone hypoallergenic, transparent or black
Glass: Float quality, 3 mm thick, tempered ANSI / DEMA
Strap: silicone, with oversized headboard
Circle: bi-color
Buckles: Cardanic Joint Buckles
Weight: 148 g

Cardanic JOINT BUCKLES: The patented universal joint to rotate both top down and in the outside inside, and allow for perfect adaptability to different conformations of the head. The buttons allow opposing the drive quickly and easily, even with gloves.
Great product visibility
Easy to open and close

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