CRESSI R1, Buoyancy compensators
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Cressi r1

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Cressi r1

R1 is a new proposal by Cressi focused on divers who want a very complete balancer but light, hydrodynamic and with a moderate cost.

In reality, it is a model probably suitable for most recreational divers.

It combines a traditional structure with a considerable lifting pressure thanks to the special shaping with oversized lobes that extend up to the hips.

Particularly hydrodynamic profile.

This is a very balanced model as regards lightness, strength, pocket capacity and comfort; moreover, the price is definitely low.

The sober and elegant design combines neutral colors that can be combined with any type of equipment.

Above all are the pockets with a rounded profile, exceptionally wide and easily accessible, with bellows with sturdy 8-pitch YKK © hinges.

The axillary sling system and the low-profile lobes guarantee a great freedom of movement and the absence of oppression in the upper part of the thorax.

The new shoulder padding improves the feeling of comfort when wearing R1.

Equipped with version 2.0 of the integrated ballast system LOCK AID SYSTEM, always safe and easy to manage but now with a lighter structure that allows its use even without the integrated ballast.

Semi-rigid backrest, light and very thin, which minimizes the erosion points on the inner fabric. New format padding that leaves the backrest handle perfectly accessible.

Backrest to keep the cylinder perfectly centered, with non-slip rubber inserts and new straps for fixing to the taps.

Ventral belt independent of the bag to avoid compressing the diver's body during inflation and adjustable length of the belt.

Four angled D-rings in stainless steel of 50 mm and two of 25 mm in acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS).

The materials used for the side parts, the pockets and the shoulder straps are particularly flexible to offer great comfort and minimum encumbrance inside the carrying bag.

Elastic sternal strap.

Inflator 2011 direct inflation system that can be disassembled without tools for possible cleaning by the sea in case of sand entry.

Exclusive double wire mesh filter to prevent the entry of particles into the inflation valve.

Anti-sand design that makes the blocking action of any grains that could enter the mechanism difficult.

Stainless steel D-ring with angled profile and "Y" shaped bowl

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