Miflex Whip Hose Xtreme Jacket RED 3/8, BCD Hose
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Miflex Whip Hose Xtreme Jacket Red 3/8

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Miflex Whip Hose Xtreme Jacket Red 3/8

The series called XTREME was designed with the aim to offer each diver the greatest possible security while diving.
The tubes of this series are characterized by the outer cover in nylon braid abrasion resistant, which is not fitted on the hose assembly (as happens today in cases where a sock is added as protection) but braided directly on the tube, and fixed to the same by bushes in stainless steel or brass.
This particular type of process, which is performed by automatic lines, allows you to obtain a burst strength at least double compared to a conventional tube, the extreme lightness (30% less weight for the same length compared to traditional whips) and flexibility offered by this type of process.
These aspects allow the diver to have full freedom in movements during the dive.
The nylon stocking that covers, in addition to ensuring an excellent abrasion resistance, helps to reduce any losses in emergency situations, thanks to the natural tendency to close the holes, which characterizes the braid.
Another advantage is the protection against UV rays that the outer braid gives to the inner tube, delaying aging, and thus ensuring additional safety.
The inner tube with polyurethane and the outer braid prevent the complete flattening of the whip, ensuring the passage of air in any situation.
The sock Nylon also allows to protect the critical point of the standard hoses: the junction point between the tube and the sleeve.
This part is obviously more susceptible to mechanical stress due to continuous bending and classic rubber hoses, and after intense usage it can show cracks and delaminations.
In whips XTREME this can not happen.
The excellent mechanical properties that characterize this series of tubes, make them definitely advisable for extreme applications, both in technical diving or business.
Of course, also this type of product is made using the most sophisticated production devices and control available today.
The production is carried out by fully automatic lines.
In the design of these lines has been given great importance to quality control, which are executed automatically on 100% of production.
The most sophisticated lines are submitted to more than thirty controls on each individual tube, ranging from dimensional controls, the controls on the fittings, the final control of the pressure seal.
All non-compliant products are discarded automatically by the same production line.

• Braid external abrasion resistant nylon
• Inner tube: polyurethane anti crushing
• Extremely light: weight standard regulator hose 100 cm: 196 gr whip dispenser XTREME 100 cm weight: 133 gr
• Compasses clamp: stainless steel / chrome plated brass tube
• Assembly / bushes: automatic machines
• Marking EN250

Colour: Red
Available 70 or 90 cm

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