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Aqualung i770r + Transmitter

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Aqualung Wireless Transmitter
Aqualung i770r

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Aqualung i770r + Transmitter

The most experienced technical diver will appreciate the i770R's innovative ultra-bright color screen with TFT technology and its connection without a Bluetooth cable, inserted into a computer with a functional, robust and compact design.
Control all your information thanks to the easy-to-use interface and intuitive 3-button controls.
Equipped with rechargeable lithium battery, compass with full compensation of inclination on the three axes, navigation of the intuitive menu, possibility of using mixtures and 4 operating functions.

You can wirelessly manage your dive data and set it on your mobile device using the Bluetooth connection; after
the dive you can share your impressions, your status, photos and the dive site on social media, all through
the free Diverlog App.

Rechargeable lithium battery, Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology, high-visibility color screen with easy-to-use interface.
Ultra-bright, high-contrast color screen with adjustable brightness TFT color display for perfect viewing that optimizes battery life when high brightness is not required.
Easy to use interface, check all your key information thanks to the intuitive menu structure.
The i770R's simple navigation allows easy setting of functions, previewing and editing.
Transmission of Bluetooth data to the DiverLog App.
Using your mobile device, the DiverLog App (available for iOS and Android) allows you to interact wirelessly with yours
i770R using Bluetooth Smart technology.
Remote control of your i770R settings, viewing dive profiles and data, adding site, notes and others
details, ability to save and share photos and videos of your dive.

Integration of gas data without whisk. Our Gas Time Remaining Algorithm (algorithm for the calculation of residual gas),
patented, provides calculations in real time, allowing an accurate management of the mixture.
Possibility of using 4 different nitrox probes and mixes in each dive.
Probe matching (permanent). Once associated with the probe to your i770R is forever, no need to repeat the operation.
Compass with full compensation of inclination on the three axes, graphic of the compass easy to read.
An optional direction bar can be inserted on the main screen using a button.

Other characteristics:
Multiple management of gases up to 4 Niitrox mixtures (using 4 probes), each with a different PO2 setting.
Sound alarms and with colored bar indicators provide warnings and alarms for further safety.
The automatic altitude regulation ensures an accurate profile.
Bungee strap and NATO strap included in the package.
PLAN function of pre-dive allows you to view the dive profile in advance to maximize the parameters and the enjoyment of the excursion.
Countdown of the Security Stop indicated in minutes and seconds.
Battery charge indicator for each individual probe.
4 operating modes: Air, Nitrox, Depth Gauge / Timer and Apnea.
The user-upgradeable software gives access to the latest features in terms of functionality and updates.
Optional Deep Stop function with countdown timer.
Immersion selector in fresh or salt water.

Included in the package:
• USB interface
• NATO strap
• Bungee kit
• Screen protection
• Quick reference card
• Digital instruction manual
• Safety documentation
• DiverLog Brochure

Probe for mixture from 40% to 100% O2

The Aqua Lung probe, used in combination with a compatible computer, allows you to monitor pressure and residual time in real time without using high pressure rigid hoses, ensuring a simpler profile.

• Air pressure data transmission without whisk for i450T and i750T models
• Once set, the probe is permanently associated and there is no risk of accidental association with other computers
• The battery is user replaceable and is commonly available on the market

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