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Aqualung Micro Squeeze

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Aqualung Micro Squeeze

This compact knife can be mounted almost anywhere, including the wrist strap of the Aqua Lung dive computer.
Squeeze Lock diving knives from Aqua Lung are the favorite of divers all over the world.
The patented Squeeze Lock design allows the diver to secure the knife securely in the case, allowing for easy and quick release at the same time with a simple compression of the handle.
The knife can easily be attached to the integrated attachment points of most Aqua Lung GAVs.

• Patented locking mechanism that securely locks the knife inside the case, allowing easy release through a simple compression of the handle (patent No. 5.926.959).
• Attack points integrated to the GAV.
• 304 stainless steel or high strength beta titanium alloy.
• Nylon grip and case with fiberglass padding for superior resistance to knocks and abrasion.
• Grooves for straps at the height of the leg.
• 5.1 cm lock clip.
• Drain holes in the housing.
• Through holes.

5.1 cm blade, overall length 9.5 cm.

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